LED lighting systems can play a significant role in reducing India’s overall energy requirements as there are multiple benefits of using such lights. LED lighting systems reduces carbon emission, consumes less energy and electricity, emits less heat, supports recyclable, eliminates mercury usage and supports significantly long life span.

India, despite installing power generation capacity exceeding 0.16 Mn MW, still has per capita electricity consumption less than 700 kwh per year as on 2010, which is much less than that of China and global average. Add to the issue are frequent rolling power cuts through the day and 25% of India’s population had no access to electricity.

Costly diesel generators are popular for generating power.  One of alternatives is tapping solar power to generate electricity. India is blessed with abundant sunny days. Solar power is green as it eliminates burning of fossil fuel, thereby reducing air pollution.

Powerjects has ventured into selling of (1) High quality and high performance “Made in Japan” LED lighting products and (2) High quality  “Made in China” LED lighting products which is fully designed and developed in Japan and manufactured in China at affordable prices to overcome the problems faced by consumers in India.

AIR ( Indoor Air Quality )

The issue of air quality has seen a switch from outdoor air pollution to something much more concerning. In general, we inhale approximately 20kg of oxygen each day, which compared to 2kg of food and 2kg of water, is massive.But what if that air was harmful to your health…
The impact on the human body would be severe.

Earth’s environment, especially the atmosphere, has been contaminated by poisonous gases emitted from volcanic eruption, large scale wildfires, animal wastes, unnatural virus reproduction and other factors throughout the earth’s history.Self-purification process of water in earth’s environment is widely known, but how the atmosphere has been self-purified. In 1934, it was announced at an academic conference that the Moscow Atmospheric-ion Laboratory has found out that large quantity of ion clusters generated by thunder is the key factor of self-purification of air pollution.